About Rareforms

Rareforms is the purveyor of hand crafted automotive sculptures.  The subjects are representations of historically significant vehicles from the world of motorsports and beyond.  While not intended to be exact replicas, each sculpture is designed to convey the fundamental lines of the original and emphasize the underlying spirit of the automobile.

Each new design starts as a simple vision, transposed into 3D space via CAD software.  CAD allows for infinite revisions and permutations of a single surface if required.  The model is printed and then honed through countless hours of sanding, filling, and spraying.  This piece becomes the master for a silicone mold which is painstakingly prepped and poured.  From here, each sculpture is cast from special resin under high pressure before being painted and finished by hand.  It is a delicate process that yields beautiful and substantial works of art to be enjoyed in any setting.

The man behind the sculptures of Rareforms is Vince Rago, a mechanical engineer living in Toronto, Canada.

A former race car driver, and shameless Gran Turismo fanboy among many other things, Vince applies his engineering design skill, artistic flare, and unwavering passion for the automobile to each of his works.  Rareforms is his outlet.

Vince describes himself as an individual of new school vision, with old school values.  This philosophy characterizes his approach to the conceptualisation, and execution of each new sculpture he puts his hands on.  He only hopes that the world enjoys looking at his works as much as he enjoyed creating them.