The 911

The 911



Cast resin sculpture inspired by the Porsche 911. Numbered and signed.

1:16 Scale. Limited to 199 pieces

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What can be said about the Porsche 911 that has not already been said?  Porsche stubbornly sticks to the same formula of a rear engine layout which it originally began developing with the 901 concept of 1963.  At the time, this concept heralded the start of a production run even Porsche probably didn’t expect to reach - over 60 years. The name changed from 901 to 911 to avoid potential issues with Peugeot.  Each new iteration of 911 was internally code-named with a letter of the alphabet, but it wasn’t until reaching G that there was a discernible difference in styling and tech, and the dawn of a new generation.  Most know it as the 930 generation.  Porsche continued to update the car through the years, bringing about the 964 generation, and the 930 that followed.

Approaching the turn of the millenium, Porsche completely reimagined the 911 with the all new 996 generation.  As many know, this generation was met with a high degree of scepticism and negativity, claiming it had lost its character with the introduction of a water-cooled engine layout.  Many of the same grumblings greeted the 997.  As Porsche modernized the 911 with the latest gadgets and driving dynamics technology, purists felt it was departing further from its roots as a bare-bones drivers car with a connection to the road like no other vehicle.  The 991 had a new chassis with longer wheelbase and a pretty body, but critics lamented the electric steering, and the eventual loss of NA engines in the base Carreras.  

Regardless of the background noise, Porsche continues to move forward with their proved and honed formula for the 911.  Ask yourself this; has any other car enjoyed the same relevance and success over 60 years that the 911 has?  I didn't think so.