The GT

The GT



Cast resin sculpture inspired by the Mercedes Benz AMG GT-R.  Numbered and signed.

1:16 Scale.  Limited to 199 pieces

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In an old mill in 1967, two automotive engineers with a passion for motorsports began turning Mercedes-Benz sedans into winning racecars.  Since then, AMG has elevated itself to the official performance division of Mercedes-Benz.  There is no denying the success AMG continues to achieve in the world of motorsport.  They take the passion that drives them to win races on track and channel it into their street machines. 

The AMG GT is no exception.  With an unsurpassed motorsports pedigree behind it, the racers at Mercedes-AMG developed the GT to be a pure sports car with an ideal sense of balance.  RAREFORMS has taken that balance, and put it on full display free of any other distractions.  The body has incredible proportions, and a silhouette that is both classic, and instantly recognizable.  We only hope Mercedes and AMG continue down this path of stylistic choices as they continue to amaze us with new and exciting creations.